Actor, Geek, Adrenaline Junkie

I am addicted to flight and the wonderful machines that allow us to do it (at this time I have 4). Currently in my SoCal hangar is my Mooney M20E. She isn't very roomy and she won't win any beauty contests (yet, I'm working on making her pretty) but she is fast, efficient, and flies like a dream!

This is my 15 meter sailplane "Fox November". It is a PIK20 and is a pre-production bird, serial number 02. The picture below is from a contest that I flew in Ephrata, WA.

My third airplane is a Rutan VariEze, N25TB. It is designed by Burt Rutan (designer of the Voyager, the first airplane to circumvent the globe unrefueled, and Space Ship One, the first successful private space ship and winner of the X-Prize) and is a highly unusual looking, extremely fast, and incredibly efficient airplane. Sadly, with just two seats (and 3 of us in the family) and with the limited amount of hangar space I have here in California, she has to live in a hanger back home in Idaho.

Last is the Glasair 2ft that I am currently building. I love building almost as much as I love flying and this is going to be a blistering fast bird when I am done with it.